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Services Provided

Classroom Counseling Lessons: Take place every other week, for approximately 30 minutes. We use a variety of techniques such as games, songs, puppets, art, and stories to help children learn about relationships, study skills, problem solving, communication, self awareness, self reflection, self regulation, strengths, areas of growth, and interests. 


Individual Sessions: All students are welcome to request to see the counselor to talk one-on-one or with peers throughout the school day. If this becomes a pattern, the counselor will reach out to parents to inform them. The school counselor may also be prompted to check in on a student per your or the teacher’s request, or if a need arises.


Counseling Groups: Provided for students with parent permission due to parent, teacher, principal, counselor, or student request. Groups last approximately 15-20 minutes and meet once a week for about 6-8 weeks depending on the topic at recess. Topics may include: emotional regulation and expression, conflict resolution, and self-concept. We will always send a letter home if your child is invited to participate in a group and will always seek your permission. 


We are currently offering mindfulness groups every Monday at recess for calming,  play groups for students wanting a structured opportunity to meet new people every Wednesday, as well as a Feel Good Group on Thursdays for an uplifting and positive experience. 


Positive Support that is open to all!

  • Reward Lunches or Recesses: Students who earn classroom DOJO points can choose to have lunch or recess with a counselor and friend! We also love rewarding each class quarterly for following counseling lesson expectations/participating with counselor whole class lunches!

  • Regulation Station: Open to any student (or staff!) that need a quiet calming break or who need a movement break. We also have supplied each teacher with calming corner materials to have for all students in their classroom!

  • Extra Classroom Lessons: self concept, gratitude, friendship, kindness, empathy, and mindfulness, or anything else the teacher or you feel your personal students/class culture need.

  • Caught Ya Awards: To spread the love and the positive by celebrating individual student’s positive and kind choices by any adult!

  • Peer Lunches to proactively foster connections. 


School counselors also:

  • Manage 504 plans.

  • Serve as School Buddy Pack Coordinators.

  • Assist in providing resources to those in need.

  • Orient students and families to the school. 

  • Coordinate tutoring. 

  • Coordinate Red Ribbon Week.

  • Serve as School Testing Coordinators.

  • Manage attendance tracking, initiatives, and interventions. 

  • Serve on various school committees, including: Behavior Support Team, Building Leadership Team, Laker Locker Team, Staff Learnings, and Attendance Team.